Your Productions.

Don’t Be Defined.

Mission Statement

Your Productions is dedicated to providing at-risk youth with the tools to share their voice through video production and audio public service announcements.


Your Productions teaches youth to step away from societal definitions and find their own voice. Youth will learn media skills to create positive videos about community issues and topics that directly affect them through Your Prod. programming. Ultimately, giving the next generation a powerful outlet to define themselves and premiere positive change.

Your Productions is a local, community, video organization designed to empower youth to tackle personal issues in their community. Your Productions gives young people a voice to share their issues and find solutions to share with their peers and the community around them. We do this through teaching and applying media skills such as video production, engineering, editing and distribution – providing the next generation a powerful outlet to define themselves and premiere positive change.

Our Values





The Freedom to create Bold Communication to spread Awareness.

Hi, I’m Rob. This is my story….

I came into the world of media both by accident and as a birthright of being part of the millennial generation. I’ve been on my own from an early age. I put myself through college through a combination of operating my own businesses in the IT field and working my way up to managing both college IT facilities and local restaurants.  In 2008, I had the opportunity to work for Media Bridges Cincinnati. This was my first contact with people trying to tell their own stories and with the world of servant leadership through working for a non-profit organization. At Media Bridges, I saw people who felt disenfranchised and powerless, find their voice and make changes in their community through effective uses of media. This is where my story starts…

I knew then and there that I want to improve the lives of the people in my community through the use of media.

Fast forward to today, we’re in a time far away from the days of the soapbox. Now teens are stuck to their phones, watching videos, and scrolling through their Facebook pages filled with guns and drugs. Your Productions’ mission is to give youth the tools and raw material to stand up on the virtual soapbox and premiere their personal message. With newly learned media skills, youth can share their issues, define themselves, and find solutions to premiere positive change to their peers and the community around them.

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